Present: David Kenworthy (DK) (Chair), Michael Clarke (MC) (Vice Chair), David Finnegan (DF), Ben Fuller (BF), Paul Hourigan (PH), Richard Tanfield (RT), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Geoff Ellis (GE), Neil Madden (NM), Frank Johnston-Banks (FJ), Karen Clark(KC) and Fiona McCaffrey (FM)

Secretary: Peter Nottage (PN)

1.     Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed people to the meeting and thanked them for the work that had been undertaken so far, in particular MC and PN. Apologies received from Mike Potrykus (MP) and Keith Hollinrake (KH). Nigel Knapton (NK) did not attend.

2.     Declaration of any interests

DK explained that this would a standing item on all agendas and was an opportunity for any members of the Group to identify any potential conflicts of interest on any issues being considered by the Group.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 11/3/14 were approved.

4.     Matters arising

PN updated the Group on the problems in accessing Direct Professional Support from Locality which in summary now meant that we will only be able to apply once the designation of the Plan Area had been agreed by Hambleton District Council (HDC). This was expected to be approved in July 2014 but in the meantime we could apply for financial grant support from Locality up to a maximum of 7,000. It was agreed that PN would contact Mike Dando (Locality) to get advice on how best to apply for the maximum funding available and put an application in as soon as possible.

5.     Terms of Reference

The Group agreed all the changes to the draft ToR suggested by Easingwold Town Council (ETC). It was agreed PN would notify ETC and clarify next steps for finalising the ToR and making them available on the Website (post meeting note - now approved for publication).

6.     Feedback From the Planning Camp

MC provided feedback from the Neighbourhood Planning Camp in York on 23-25 March 2014 that he attended along with PN (copy of report attached). PN added his reflections/learning from the event. There were 3 key points: 1. non-planning Projects can be included the Neighbourhood Plan to show that they have community support, although care needs to be taken that this does not just become an unrealistic and unobtainable wish list; 2. whilst you should not duplicate or contradict policies the existing Local Plan it is ok to modify/clarify/enhance them to more fully reflect local community needs/wishes; and 3. not only is it necessary to consult fully on the plan, creative and comprehensive engagement with the community provides a real opportunity to create a community spirit and involvement with and interest in the life of the Town.

7.     Project Plan

BF introduced the draft Project Plan he had circulated prior to the meeting that had been worked up with MC and NM. It was agreed that this was an excellent piece of work and was approved as a very good Strategic and High Level document that provided a clear framework for further detail work to be developed and added to the plan as work progressed and thinking matured. It was agreed that the first key piece of work to develop was our plans for approaching the first stage of community consultation and engagement. It was agreed that the approach to consultation/engagement needed to be designed in order to reach all parts of the community. It was also agreed to start the preparatory work as quickly as possible in order that we would be ready to start the consultation process as soon as HDC approve the designation of the Plan Area in July 2014 (see item 8 below). It was agreed that BF, MC and NM would continue to develop the plan and add detail as work progressed.

8.     Consultation Plan

In the light of the discussions under item 7 it was agreed that RT would lead a small team comprising PN, FM and MP to develop some proposals on our approach to consultation/engagement that could be considered at the next Steering Group meeting.

9.     Any Other Business

MC reported that he had given a presentation about Neighbourhood Planning and the work of this group so far at the Easingwold Parish Assembly held on 15 April 2014 (copy attached).. There had been some positive feedback on this and in particular from Dr Parker and Dr Boyd from Millfields Surgery who expressed their support in working with the Group in the development of the plan.

10. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was agreed for 7.30pm on 27th May 2014 (post meeting note: The Council Chamber has been booked). It was agreed that a proposed list of future meeting dates would be circulated and then published on the Website and Notice Board along with the agendas and minutes of the meeting. It was also agreed that we should make clear that the meetings of the Steering Group were open to the public should they wish to attend as observers.