Present: David Kenworthy (DK) (Chair), Michael Clarke (MC) (Vice Chair), Ben Fuller (BF), Richard Tanfield (RT), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Neil Madden (NM)

Secretary:Peter Nottage (PN)

1.     Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed people to the meeting and noted that apologies had been received from Keith Hollinrake (KH), Karen Clark (KC), Geoff Ellis (GE), Frank Johnston-Banks (FJB), Mike Potrykus (MP) and Fiona McCaffrey (FM). Nigel Knapton (NK), David Finnegan (DF) and Paul Hourigan (PH) did not attend.

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 28 April 2014 were approved without comment.

4.     Matters arising

It was agreed that we would adopt a standard font of Century Gothic 11/12 point for all our documentation.RT agreed to update the Easingwold Town Website with all the latest documentation and to confirm that this font is compatiblewith web browsers.Action RT

5.     Project Plan

The revised version of the Project Plan introduced by BF was approved.It was noted that this would be a live document that would evolve and be updated as progress with the plan was made.

6.     Consultation Plan

RT introduced the paper he had produced with PN (circulated prior to the meeting)about the approach to community engagement/consultation.PN also informed the Group that he had discussed the involvement of Easingwold Comprehensive School with the Head Teacher and whilst he was very keen for the school to be involved he asked that we contact him at the start of the new school year as this would be the best time to take this forward.Action PNIt was also agreed that SS would approach the Head Teacher of the Primary School to ask for their involvement.Action SS.

The approach outlined in the paper was supported and it was agreed that the Consultation Sub Group prepare a first draft of a questionnaire for all Easingwold residents for approval at the next meeting of the Steering Group.It was also agreed to invite Martin Whillock to join the Sub Group. Action Consultation Sub Group

7.     Funding Application

DH agreed to put together an application to try to secure as much as possible of the maximum allowed grant of £7,000.Action DK.

8.     Planning Appeal

SS explained that Gladmanís had lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate against the decision of Hambleton District Council (HDC) to refuse their planning application for 175 houses on Stillington Road.It was noted that this proposed development was not provided for in the LDF and that ETC would be writing to the Inspector in support of the original decision by HDC to refuse the planning application.It was agreed that DK and MC would attend a meeting with HDC and write a letter to the Inspector to raise our concerns about the implications for the Neighbourhood Planning process should the appeal be successful whilst we were still developing our plan!Action DK and MC.

9.     Any Other Business

No other business discussed.

10. Date of Next Meeting

The next meeting was agreed for 7.30pm on 24th June 2014 (post meeting note: The Council Chamber has been booked).