PRESENT:  David Kenworthy (DK) Michael Clarke (MC), Peter Nottage (PN), Geoff Ellis (GE), Ben Fuller (BF), Frank Johnston-Banks (FJB), Fiona McCaffrey (FM), Martin Whillock (MW), Shirley Shepherd (SS) and Neil Madden (NM)


1.     Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed people to the meeting.  He noted that apologies had been received from Richard Tanfield (RT), David Finnegan (DF) and Karen Clark (KC).

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2015 were approved subject to an addition to section 8.

4.     Matters arising

All actions complete and further updates covered under agenda items below.

5.     Neighbourhood Plan Progress Report

Questionnaire response – 674 responses had been received by the closing date.

Prize Draw result – PN confirmed that he and SS had carried out the Prize Draw and the winners were: Liz McBurnie (meal for two at The George Hotel); John Stenton (£20 meal voucher for West Park Inns); Gerald Edmondson-Jones (car care kit from C&G Motors) and Mr D Johnson (one month’s use of fitness Galtres fitness centre).  Action: PN to notify winners and publish in the Advertiser and Council Website

Questionnaire analysis – Hambleton DC had produced a note of all the verbatim comments made in response to the survey.  Based on this and a statistical analysis of all the responses to the questions posed Howard Masters (HM) had produced an initial draft report that had been circulated to members of the Steering Group.  Following a brief review and comments at the meeting it was agreed that all members email DK with any further comments so that HM could produce a final draft report.  Action all Steering Group Members

6.     Proposals for NP polices based on consultation responses

MC had produced an initial draft framework of the type of policies that could be included in the Plan.  It was agreed following a brief review that this provided a useful basis to guide the planning consultants that would be employed to produce the draft policies and plan.  The plan and policies would be considered by the Group and then approved by the Town Council.  Action:  all Steering Group members to provide any further comments to DK

7.     Finance Report

Funding application - MC confirmed that the full amount of grant we had applied for (£7,988) had been approved.

Employment of planning consultants – MC confirmed that he, SS and DK had agreed on which consultant to engage based on their quotation and feedback from their meetings with them.  It was agreed that as soon as the grant monies are received in the bank account the chosen consultants are engaged.  Action: DK and MC to engage and brief consultants as soon as funding received. 

8.     ETC Vision Statement

DK agreed to produce a revised version of the Vision Statement that picked up on the key issues identified in the consultation report and the comments from the Town Council to make it more succinct and positive about the Town.  Action DK to provide a revised version of the Vision Statement for consideration by the newly formed ETC following the 7th May elections.

9.     Any other business

MC confirmed that the briefing he had provided to the Parish Assembly had gone well and it was agreed that his statement should be published on the ETC Website.  Action: RT to arrange publication.

10. Date of Next Meeting

9th June 2015