PRESENT: Michael Clarke (MC), Peter Nottage (PN), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Neil Madden (NM), Geoff Ellis (GE), Richard Tanfield (RT), David Finnegan, Ben Fuller (BF), Karen Clark (KC), Howard Masters (HM) and Martin Whillock (MW)


1.     Welcome and Apologies

MC welcomed people to the meeting, including Howard Masters (HM) and Martin Whillock (MW) who are not members of the NPSG but providing help and support. He noted that apologies had been received from David Kenworthy (DK), Mike Potrykus (MP), Fiona McCaffrey (FM), Frank Johnstone-Banks (FJB) and Paul Hourigan (PH)

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 9th December were approved.

4.     Matters arising

MC advised that the Gladman appeal had been rejected by the Inspector who had indicated that there were 8 reasons for refusal although 5 he considered capable of being addressed through negotiation.

MC confirmed that all the grant money provided by Locality had been spent by their December deadline. We still had a 3,000 allocation from HDC that had not yet been spent although some of this would need to be used to fund this consultation phase (postage etc). As we moved into the next phase of the Programme following this consultation phase we would require consultants to help analyse the results and draft the relevant policies and plan. Based on tender responses so far this was likely to cost 6-8,000 and require significant funding in excess of the 3,000 allocated by HDC but we should be eligible for further grant funding from Locality. Action MC and PN to explore further grant opportunities

MW reported that he had raised the opportunities for S106 funding with the Millfields Practice and Patients Group.

5.     Questionnaire finalisation

The Group went through the latest draft version of the questionnaire and made a number of detailed comments and suggestions on how it could be improved. Action MC to circulate a revised draft for final comment.

It was agreed that we should ask the secondary school to once again complete the questionnaire and provide an analysis of the responses. But this time we would ask the school to ensure it was only completed by pupils who lived in Easingwold to ensure that the responses were all relevant/answerable. Action PN to contact school

It was agreed that we go through HDC to post the questionnaires at a cost of approx. 1,000 to ensure that all residents and businesses were covered and that the questionnaire was distinguishable from leaflets/junk mail. However, it was also agreed that the Group would undertake the task of putting the questionnaires in the envelopes. Action MW to notify the Group when/where volunteers needed to undertake this task

It was agreed that DF and PN would draft a Press Release to give more context for the questionnaire. This would be shared with Group before being published in the Advertiser and placed on the Council Website. Action DF and PN

6.     Questionnaire prizes

The following 4 Prizes have been donated:

Two course meal for two to the value of 30 The George Hotel

20 meal voucher from West Park Inns for a meal at their venues, including New Inn Easingwold.

One months use of the gym at the Galtres Centre

A car care kit from C&G Motors

7.     Date for issue of questionnaire

It was agreed that we should aim to issue the questionnaire by Friday the 31st January to give 6 weeks for people to complete and return them by 14th March.

8.     Any Other Business

It was agreed that DF would draft a Vision Statement that would form the opening part of the Neighbourhood Plan for initial consideration and eventual sign off by Easingwold Town Council. Action DF to provide a draft to SS by 31st January.

9.     Date of Next Meeting

3rd March 2015