PRESENT: Michael Clarke (MC), Peter Nottage (PN), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Richard Tanfield (RT), Neil Madden (NM), Mike Potrykus (MP), Paul Hourigan (PH), Fiona McCaffrey (FM), Martin Whillock (MW) and Ben Fuller (BF)


1.     Welcome and Apologies

MC welcomed people to the meeting and noted that apologies had been received from David Kenworthy (DK), Geoff Ellis (GE) and Karen Clark (KC).

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 7th October were approved without comment.

4.     Matters arising

It was confirmed that the NPSG wished to ask the Easingwold Town Council (ETC) to make provision for 5,000 in the 15/16 budget as a contingency to cover any unfunded costs incurred by the NPSG. Action PN to pass the request on to ETC.

MP provided an update on the position of Health provision in Easingwold based on his discussions with John Clarke (Dental Practice) and Dr Loraine Boyd (Millfields Surgery). In short Easingwold was facing a major strain on the system arising from the additional people moving into the area. Action MP to provide a more detailed note for the NPSG

5.     Feedback from Consultation Forum

MC thanked everyone for their help on the day which resulted in a very successful event with over 220 attendees. He also thanked those who had helped with the analysis of the further 700 stickies containing further comments. These fell into 4 main themes around Drainage and Housing, Parking and Transport, Jobs and Training and Facilities (e.g. shops and restaurants). MC had previously circulated a summary of the analysis of the stickies. It was agreed that the next step was to agree the main headings and employ a consultant to help develop a final questionnaire designed to focus on the main themes that have emerged from the consultations so far and to illicit responses that would help guide the writing of the plan policies. Action: NPSG to provide any comments on the main themes and MC to explore the options on engaging with a suitable consultant.

6.     Business Forum 18th November 2014

MC confirmed that arrangements had been made to hold a forum for local businesses in The George Hotel on the 18th November. A letter has been sent to each business inviting them to the forum and adverts were being placed in the Advertiser. The approach would be largely based on that used for the Community forum in October and many of the same information boards would be used. PN, SS, NM, and MW volunteered to assist DK and MC at the forum.

The following actions were agreed:

DK to circulate the plan for the event

MC to circulate invite letter along with those businesses that had accepted

NPSG to encourage locals businesses to attend

BF to explore Twitter to promote this and other events

RT to explore Facebook to promote this and other events

PH to explore Gmail to promote this and other events Finance

7.     Finance Update

MC confirmed that of the 6,168 grant received from Locality, 4,441 had been spent/committed so far. The balance needs to be spent by the end of December or it will need to be returned to Locality. In addition we have 3,000 available from HDC which does not have a time limit attached. We also applied for Direct Support from Locality but did not qualify at this stage.


It was agreed that we should aim to issue the final questionnaire in January following the Christmas Holiday.

8.     Any Other Business

It was agreed that MC and BF would update the Project plan in the light of progress so far.

Action MC and BF to update the Project Plan

9.     Date of Next Meeting

9th December 2014.