Present: Michael Clarke (MC) (Vice Chair), David Finnegan (DF), Mike Potrykus (MP), Ben Fuller (BF), Richard Tanfield (RT), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Geoff Ellis (GE), Neil Madden (NM), Frank Johnston-Banks (FJ) and Fiona McCaffrey (FM)


Guest: Mark Harbottle (MH), Planning Manager, Hambleton District Council


Secretary:  Peter Nottage


1.     Apologies

Apologies received from David Kenworthy (DK), Karen Clark(KC), Nigel Knapton (NK) and Keith Hollinrake (KH).  Paul Hourigan did not attend.  Beverley Knight has withdrawn from the Group


2.     Introductions

MC introduced MH and thanked him for attending the meeting.


3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 25/2/14 were approved.


4.     Matters arising and any outstanding actions

All actions completed and RT confirmed that he will house the Neighbourhood Plan documents and other material on the Easingwold Town Council Website.


5.     Terms of Reference

Subject to changing the start time of meetings to 7.30pm the ToR were approved for submission to Easingwold Town Council for their comment/agreement.

6.     LDF Strategic Policies for Easingwold

MH explained that Neighbourhood Plans must conform generally to the strategic policies in the adopted Local Plan and that took the Group through the briefing note he had prepared (circulated prior to the meeting) which outlined the key strategic policies in the Local Development Framework that are relevant to Easingwold.  The paper also provided the status of current planning applications related to the identified development areas identified in the Plan.  A copy of the briefing note is attached at Annex A.  In discussion it was noted that Neighbourhood plans should not promote less development than set out in the Local plan.  It was also explained that whilst the Plan had a target of 582 new homes between 2004 - 2026  this was a minimum target and that developers are still able to submit applications for new housing which go above the limits and outside of designated areas and that these will be considered by Hambleton District Council (who are the planning authority) on their individual merits in the light of the existing Plan but also current circumstances and developer proposals/claims on market needs and benefits etc.   Clarification was provided that whist there are targets for affordable housing they are not definitive.  It was also confirmed that “affordable” housing usually relate to housing association type properties rather than privately owned to low cost starter homes etc.


After some discussion it was agreed that a Neighbourhood Plan could usefully help to influence the number, type, design and location of future housing and other infrastructure development in Easingwold in the context of future expected developer interest notwithstanding the targets and development areas identified in the existing Local Plan.


7.     Application for Direct Support

The draft application for direct professional support from the government funded “Locality” organisation was approved and will be submitted by the Town Council on behalf of the Group.


8.     Future Programme and Skills base   

It was agreed that we should try to maximise the existing skills base of the Group and to bring in other expertise from volunteers within the Town and professional help as needed.  This should be supported through grant funding as well as the direct professional support we are expecting secure through “Locality”.  We expect that once we have the direct professional support in place they will help guide us in developing our future Programme Plan and what further professional support we will need to procure (and apply for funding for).  In the meantime it was agreed that: BF and NM would look at what needs to be included in an outline project plan and key milestones etc.; FJ and KH would look at what and when may be needed for a Sustainability Appraisal; NK would be asked to consider our financial arrangements in consultation with the Clerk of ETC and RT and SS would give thought to a communication strategy.


9.     Future Meetings

It was agreed that future meetings should take place at 7.30pm and ideally should take place a couple of weeks before a Town Council meetings in order to give time for any key decisions/proposals that may be need to be included on the Town Council agenda.  The next meeting was agreed for 28th April.


10. Any Other Business

There was no other business.