PRESENT: David Kenworthy (DK), Michael Clarke (MC), Peter Nottage (PN), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Neil Madden (NM), Frank Johnstone-Banks (FJB), Geoff Ellis (GE), David Finnegan and Martin Whillock (MW)


1.     Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed people to the meeting, including Howard Masters who will be providing professional support on the next phase of consultation. He noted that apologies had been received from Richard Tanfield (RT), Ben Fuller (BF), Mike Potrykus (MP) and Karen Clark (KC)

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 11th November were approved.

4.     Matters arising

MP had circulated a detailed note to the NPSG on the position of Health provision in Easingwold based on his discussions with John Clarke (Dental Practice) and Dr Loraine Boyd (Millfields Surgery).

MC updated the Group on his appearance at the Gladman Public Inquiry Appeal hearing where he had provided detail of our progress on the Neighbourhood Plan. The only issue to be raised with him was targets for Affordable Housing in Easingwold contained in a Report produced by HDC. We were unaware of this report but MC explained that the figures being quoted were at odds with the overall housing targets contained in the existing LDF.

MC provided feedback on the recent Business Forum held in The George Hotel. It had been a positive and reasonably well attended event and the main issues raised were:

Traffic and Parking Issues


Broadband and Mobile Phone Coverage


Lack of Awareness of Businesses on Long Street

5.     Funding Update

4,286.64 spent so far

1,264 available to spend by end of December

3,000 available from HDC without any time limit

6.     Project Plan Update

The revised Project Plan previously circulated was approved. It was agreed that we should progress with the drafting of the next questionnaire with a view to issue early in 2015. But it was also agreed that we should review the precise timing of its issue in the light of progress with the Gladman appeal because its outcome could affect responses to the questions we asked.

7.     Questionnaire Preparation

It was agreed that the next questionnaire should develop the issues arising from the previous consultations and that these fell into the following main groups:



       Traffic/Car Parking


       Recreation and Leisure facilities (inc specific question about a Skate Park)

       Broadband/Mobile provision

It was agreed that there would be a reliance on closed questions rather than open free text to enable analysis for future policy development. There would be questions to identify age and gender plus an opening context narrative. Incentives will be provided to encourage completion of the questionnaire. The George Hotel had already offered a meal for two.

The following actions were agreed:

Howard Masters will draft a first version of the questionnaire based on the issues identified and points raised in discussion by the Group. This would be circulated before Xmas for comments to be considered at the next NPSG meeting. HM and MC

SS to approach New Inn for a prize and to ask Cllr Rob Snook to suggest wording for a question on the Skate Park

MC to ask Galtres Centre for a prize.

8.     Any Other Business

No other business

9.     Date of Next Meeting

13th January 2015