PRESENT:  David Kenworthy (DK), Peter Nottage (PN), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Geoff Ellis (GE), Richard Tanfield (RT), Neil Madden (NM), David Finnegan (DF), and Ben Fuller (BF)


1.     Welcome and Apologies

DK welcomed people to the meeting and noted that apologies had been received from Michael Clarke (MK), Fiona McCaffrey (FM). Mike Protrykus (MP), Keith Hollinrake (KH), Karen Clark (KC), Nigel Knapton (NK) and Martin Whillock (MW)

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 24th June 2014 were approved without comment.

4.     Matters arising

There were no matters arising that are not covered in agenda

5.     Chairman’s Report

DK took the Group through the Chairman’s Report (Paper 1 - which had been circulated to the NPSG previously)which outlined the progress made so far up to and including the first stage of consultation and engagement – including the questionnaire that went to all households and businesses in Easingwold. DK thanked people for their contributions so far and reported that MP had made contact with the various health providers in Easingwold to further engage them in the consultation process.   It was agreed to continue to engage the Secondary school for their contribution to the Consultation/Engagement stage.  Action PN

6.     Consultation Forum

DK took the Group through Paper 2 (which had been circulated to the NPSG previously) outlining the broad proposals for organising and content of the Consultation Forum on 23rd October 2014 in the Galtres Centre.  DK also took the Group through the various displays that he had set out.  These included: a poster advertising the Forum; Artwork and Text from Easingwold Primary School which depicted the children’s ideas on what they would like to see in the future in Easingwold; a map provided by HDC show current and planned developments in Easingwold; and an initial statistical graphic analysis of the consultation responses.  DK explained that the consultants were still working on the analysis of the text responses but he also outlined the key main themes that he had identified from the analysis so far done.

Following discussion the following decisions and actions were agreed.

Representatives from Boots the Chemist and Shire Bridge Business Park would have a presence at the Forum.

A number of key questions would be identified based around the main themes emerging from the consultation responses that would help focus responses/feedback from visitors to the Forum.  DK, PN and DF would get together to draw these themes and questions together but all Steering Group members were invited to email their views/ideas.  Action DK/PN/DF

DK agreed to circulate the graphs and the draft themes after the meeting.  Action DK

We would not provide feedback forms about the Forum but Post It labels would be provided – with different colours used to identify age groups – on which visitors could provide the answers to the questions posed – plus any other comments they wished to make.

There would be a voluntary register to capture the number of attendees as this would be useful evidence for the Plan examiners.

Large images of the analysis, maps and themes/questions would be produced and displayed, along with the artwork/ideas from the school.   Action DK

A briefing meeting for NPSG attendees would take place in the Galtres Centre at 7pm on the 22nd October.  Action PN to arrange

NPSG members to let DK and PN know if/when they could attend the Forum to help answer questions and gather feedback and clear up.  Action All NPSG 

Tea and Coffee would be provided on a self-service basis but would need to be organised by someone in the NPSG and DK asked for volunteers.  Action All NPSG to volunteer to PN or DK

We would commission consultants to produce a further follow-up Questionnaire based on the analysis of the first questionnaire plus info gathered at the forum and any other subsequent engagement activity

DK agreed to circulate further analysis of the questionnaires as soon as they became available.  Action DK

It was agreed to seek publicity for the forum through the following approaches:

·       posters displayed around town

·       article in the Advertiser

·       advert in the Advertiser based on the poster

·       HDC to include in their full circulation to the Press

·       Radio York

·       Council Website

·       Facebook

·       Cascade from NPSG members


7.     Preparing The Plan

DK took the Group through his paper (Paper 3 circulated to NPSG previously) outlining the background, Legal Requirements, Relevance, Content, and next steps for the preparation of the Plan itself.  After discussion the following key points were agreed.

·       The plan should have a 20 year life span in line with the existing Local Development Plan

·       The plan should be kept as simple as possible, focusing on a small number of key policies and narrative aimed at addressing the main themes/issues identified from the consultation/engagement activity.

·       The plan should not seek to identify any sites for potential development

·       At the next meeting of the NPSG we would agree the key areas/themes and allocate teams from the NPSG to develop these further and work up proposals for how they could be dealt with in the plan

8.     Finance   

DK took the Group trough his paper on Finance (Paper 4 circulated to NPSG previously) covering likely future costs and sources of funding.  After discussion the following was agreed.

A further application for grant aid and direct support would be made as soon as it became available from the Community Development Fund (currently administered by Locality)

 When further expenses are better known we apply to HDC for more funding

ETC will be asked to make provision from their reserves to cover costs if the NPSG is unable to secure the required funding from any other sources.  

9.     Any Other Business

No other business discussed.

10. Date of Next Meeting

The next NPSG meetings were agreed for 7.30pm on 11 November and 9th December 2014 plus the Forum Briefing at 7pm on the 22nd October 2014.