PRESENT: Michael Clarke (MC), Peter Nottage (PN), Shirley Shepherd (SS), Neil Madden (NM), Richard Tanfield (RT), Ben Fuller (BF), Karen Clark, Fiona McCaffrey and Martin Whillock (MW)


1.     Welcome and Apologies

MC welcomed people to the meeting. He noted that apologies had been received from David Kenworthy (DK) and Karen Clark (KC).

2.     Declaration of any interests

There were no declarations of interest.

3.     Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the meeting held on 13th January were approved.

4.     Matters arising

An application for a further grant of 7,988 has been submitted.

5.     Update on Survey returns progress

518 returns submitted so far of which 66 on-line. MC reported that some households in the Red Row estate had not received a survey form and these had been informed that additional copies would be made available to them or that they could complete it on-line.

MC reported that many free flow comments had been provided on the returns he had seen and that HDC would type them all up for analysis.

6.     ETC Vision Statement

PN reported that ETC had considered an initial draft version of a Vision Statement prepared by David Finnegan. This had been well received subject to some minor revisions that NM would make and re-submit to ETC for further consideration. It was agreed that ETC would be asked to agree a final version in May, which could reflect the views of the community from the survey plus those of the newly elected ETC.

Action NM to produced a revised version for the March meeting of ETC.

7.     Quotations from Planning Consultants

MC reported that he had received two quotations from consultants to draft the plan and enabling policies. He had met one of the consultants and had been impressed by what they could offer. The other consultants declined to meet us when we informed them that we would not meet their travel costs from Newcastle! There were significant differences in the daily rates and projected consultancy days in the two quotations! One quoting a lower number of days with higher daily rates. The other a higher number of days and lower daily rates. It was felt that the quote for the higher number of days was more realistic.

MC reported that he had also had a quotation from Howard Masters to provide a report analysing the Survey responses. He has also had a quote for the printing of the Plan.

It was considered likely that the grant applied for would be sufficient to cover all these costs.

Action MC to agree with DK and SS which of the quotations to accept and then engage the successful consultants.

8.     Feedback from meetings with YW and Kyle & Ouse IDB

MC reported on the two useful meetings with Yorkshire Water and the Kyle and Ouse Internal Drainage Board. In brief YW informed us that they considered the foul water sewerage system in the Town to be adequate although their treatment works had limited capacity to deal with any additional sewerage. They also advised that would not generally allow any surface water to be drained into the foul water system and would expect developers to provide their own solutions for handing surface water (e.g. storage tanks/ponds etc.). They also explained that YW was not a statutory consultee on planning applications although there were routinely consulted by HDC.

The Kyle and Ouse IDB explained that they had serious concerns about the capacity of the existing drainage systems to deal with surface water run off from new developments to the south of the town. They stated that existing watercourses were at breaking point. They advised that a particular problem area was around leas mire beck and an issue was identified with a section of piped drainage that went at right angles to the direct flow of the watercourse! MC provided a map showing the location of the perceived problem and SS agreed to ask the landowner of that field if they would give permission for a ditch to be cut to bypass the pipe or other remedial works considered necessary to alleviate the problem which could result in surface water flooding at times of high rainfall. Action SS to contact landowner.

More detailed notes of both meetings are available should Steering Group members wish to view them.

9.     Other meetings required (e.g. Schools, Doctors and Chemists etc.)

It was agreed that it would be useful to gain information and views of other relevant groups as part of the evidence base for the Plan. After some discussion it was agreed that specific members of the Group would consult a number of groups/organisations either in writing or face-to-face as follows:

MC Doctors, Dentists, Police, Chemists and Galtres Centre

PN Senior School, Housing Developers and Bus Companies

SS Primary School and Community Care


MW United Response

10. Any other business

MC reported that he felt we were making good progress and on-track with our project plan.

11. Date of Next Meeting

13th April 2015 (post meeting rearranged to 20th April)